Reform Pursuit is an anti-racist organization setup primarily to push for change and reforms to improve race relations throughout the UK

What We Do

Our fundamental purpose is to push for amendments to existing UK laws. We believe through this approach, significant change is far more likely.


As an organisation, we are committed to the following:

  • Working alongside anti-racism charities
  • Liase and convey reforms with local MP’s, Chief Executives, and more..
  • Review strategies with certified legal practitioners
  • Work directly with the general public to review and validate discrimination issues and initiatives
  • Referrals on various legal matters and training via our accredited partners;
  • Corporate race relation training
  • Legal employment advice
  • Employment law & Professional discipline
  • Action against police & state
  • Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury
  • Immigration, Asylum & nationality
  • Education Law
    and more . . .

Our Partners