We focus on improving & combating institutional racism and discrimination in the UK​


Reform Pursuit is an anti-racist organization with the fundamental intention of pushing for amendments to current UK laws with the intention of improving & combating institutional racism.

Discrimination in the UK is a real problem and as a collective, we have decided to take the initiative and do something tangible and practical about it.


As an organisation, we are committed to the following
Working alongside anti racist charities
Liaising and convey reforms with local MPs
Reviewing strategies with certified legal practitioners
Promoting and distributing relevant online petitions
Working directly with the general public to review and validate their initiatives with the intention of turning an idea, into legal, lawful amendments
Legal employment advice
Referrals on various legal matters via our accredited partners
Corporate Race Relation Training & Workshops
Please Call +44 203 693 4459 or Email admin@reformpursuit.co.uk
Report a hate crime